Fiddle Lake Farm

barn interior

We chose for our venue Fiddle Lake Farm, a beautiful barn setting out in the country in Pennsylvania. The venue overlooks the Elk Mountain ski resort. The barn has been restored and is now used only for weddings and events. On the same grounds as the barn, the proprietors also have a bed and breakfast that has three rooms. Sadie and the bridesmaids will be spending the night prior to the wedding in this cute vintage B&B.

Photo Sep 23, 3 06 59 PM

Sadie and her grandmother look at photos with the man who owns the antique store.

Finding Fiddle Lake Farm was really pretty serendipitous. We were originally going to check it out because Sadie had thought it would be a nice venue for us to spend the night after the wedding. Prior to our visit, we knew they had a B&B, and just before we left to check it out, Sadie’s aunt had told us that they dealt antiques out of another barn locally and we should check it out. We traveled to the first barn (not Fiddle Lake) and were delighted to see that the entire building was PACKED wall to wall with antiques – so much so, that they spilled out into the front yard and stretched about 80 meters down the road from the barn. The owner told us he also had a few other barns full of old junk if we were interested as well. Instantly, we fell in love. We both LOVE antique shopping. Kyle being an archaeologist and Sadie being in love with old stuff, we can’t get enough of going antiquing. The man informed us that he also had some more antiques up the road at Fiddle Lake Farm. This revelation immediately piqued our interests. We finished up with him and headed to Fiddle Lake Farm, where our destiny awaited us.

Photo Sep 24, 10 40 08 AM

Pam, the owner of our venue, shows us the clearing on a hill that will be the site of our ceremony.

Photo Sep 24, 11 29 38 AM

The barn which will host our reception.

Upon arriving at the farm we were met by Pam, who owns the venue with her husband (who we later found out is also an archaeologist/anthropologist and has worked with National Geographic!), showed us around enthusiastically. She wasn’t expecting us and had another appointment scheduled for shortly after we arrived, but was still excited to show us around the property. We were immediately impressed with the venue as it fit our theme and dreams perfectly. The little B&B house has amazing vintage decor, the field is gorgeous and overlooks miles and miles of tranquil nature, and the barn is just as rustic -yet well kept – as you could hope for.

Photo Sep 23, 3 03 12 PM

The barn/antique store which will provide the decor for our wedding.

To make a good thing better, Pam also told us that she has a deal with the owner of that little red barn full of antiques. That deal is that any of her weddings are free to borrow any of his antiques to use as decoration! Not only can we use anything from his barn full of treasures, but they will also be made available for purchase during our ceremony. We had both joked about having our wedding in an antique store, but we never dreamed that we actually would! Obviously, nobody is required to buy things, but if you’d like to take a little bit of our wedding with you, you can! I think I speak for both of us as well when I say we would be happy receiving anything from our decor as a wedding gift ;).


Fiddle Lake Farm is pretty… rural. This part of Pennsylvania is quite far away from a city, but if you don’t mind driving a few hours you can easily visit New York City (3 hours away), or Philadelphia (3 hours away). Below are listed some other things to do in the area, keeping in mind a few may be a slight drive.

The Discovery Center :: a hands-on museum for young kids.

The Old Mill Village Museum :: looks to have live reenactments and information about the local history.

Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine & Steam Train :: an actual tour of an old anthracite mine as well as steam engine tours. Here’s your steampunk themed excursion!

Antiques Association of Susquehanna :: lots of local antique dealers. Don’t forget, our venue will be selling antiques during our reception as well!


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