About Us

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Sadie and Kyle, as a team, began on or about February 14th, 2011. After having known each other for a few years through Sadie’s older brother, and becoming closer friends during the year leading up to Charlene and Sean’s wedding, the real “sparks” began during their rehearsal. While doing the preliminary walk down the aisle, we felt a connection that we’d both suspected was there for a while earlier. During and after the wedding, we continued talking and discussed dating, though it would be difficult because Kyle was still working in Tampa for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team. We both decided to take it slowly and see how things developed. We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out together.

Less than a week later, Kyle was laid off from his job, due to an impending NFL lockout and the next day he was moving back in with his parents in Port Charlotte. Almost as if destiny had determined us to be together, we started hanging out again. After a couple dates, came the big one on Valentine’s day where, over pizza at Luigi’s, we decided to date each other exclusively. After over a year of dating, hundreds of local adventures, and countless hours spent together, we decided it was time to get serious. Kyle proposed on a giraffe safari at Busch Gardens and Sadie said, verbatim, “Oh my gosh, are you frikkin’ serious?” then “yes!”. We planned for a long, year-and-a-half engagement (which we regretted about 6 months in!) and began planning the wedding of our dreams. During that time, we got ourselves a dog named Baloo and began shopping for a home to begin our new lives together…


Sadie living her dream of having a monkey on her head.

In love with creativity, Sadie is happiest when she’s making something. She loves to draw, sew, garden, and do anything crafty. Nothing gives her a smile quite like shopping for antiques and finding the perfect thing for her next craft. Sadie has a deep love of all animals and is pretty much fearless of them all. At times, it’s like she can communicate with them even. When she sees a cat or dog, she kneels down ever so gently to give it a soft pat. In the future Sadie would like to work with animals in a veterinary clinic or at a zoo. She loves working with her hands and getting dirty. If it were up to her, we would have three kids, two of which being twins, and several dogs… and just about every other animal. Sadie’s a loving soul and is kind and loving to everyone she meets. She’s a great cook and keeps the house perfectly clean. She’s an awesome partner in crime!



Kyle living his dream of being from Star Wars.

Kyle attended USF and received a degree in Anthropology. He’s spent the last 7 years working as a photographer and that seems to be the thing he loves most (other than Sadie and Baloo, of course!). Whether he is shooting a wedding or a theater performance, it’s obvious that he is the happiest when he has a camera in his hand. He enjoys reading news and articles about anything and everything that interests him and loves learning as much as he loves teaching people the things he has learned. In addition to reading and shooting, Kyle also likes to write. In his free time, which is almost never, he enjoys writing and posting things on his website. When we’re hanging out around the house, he loves to play with Baloo and try to teach him new tricks.


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